$25,000 Life Insurance for Student Members of the AVMA Compliments of the AVMA LIFE Trust

The Trustees of the AVMA LIFE Trust are pleased to announce that eligible full-time Student Members of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) who are in good standing, are automatically covered for $25,000 Family Group Term Life Insurance-at no cost to them - compliments of the AVMA LIFE Trust.

For a copy of the Certificate detailing the provisions of this coverage, complete the form below and click submit or call 800.621.6360.

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This benefit is only available to eligible Student Members of the AVMA (SAVMA). SAVMA Members include the incoming freshmen that have been accepted to attend veterinary school. The SAVMA Member must be a resident of the United States and must be: (1) at least AGE 18, but less than AGE 65; (2) a full-time veterinary student at a veterinary school designated by the Policyholder; and (3) membership must be in good standing ("good standing" means that any membership dues are paid up to date)