Critical Illness Insurance

Battling illnesses like cancer presents a tough challenge for anyone, even before treatment costs come into the picture. When you're focused on getting better, medical bills should be your last worry.

That's why the AVMA LIFE Trust offers a Critical Illness Insurance—to help protect members and their families from the financial impact of a specific, life-threatening illness.

Here's how this coverage can help you in your time of need:

  • Pay medical bills/offset high deductibles
  • Replace lost wages
  • Cover hotel and meal expenses for visiting family
  • Meet day-to-day expenses
  • Create a college or estate fund

"In retrospect, it's hard to believe I ever considered not being properly insured."
—Dr. Brian Godsey, Marketplace Animal Hospital

The experiences of the individual described herein may not be representative of the experiences of all clients.

Coverage Overview

  • Wide range of coverage amounts: Choose any amount you need, from $5,000 to $100,000 in units of $5,000
  • Spouse/domestic partner coverage available: Apply for up to $100,000 for your eligible spouse/domestic partner
  • Coverage for several critical illnesses: Receive a cash benefit for heart attack, cancer, major organ transplant, renal failure, and stroke
  • Coverage remains in force until age 75


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Read on for features, costs, eligibility, renewability, exclusions, and limitations, to see if this coverage is right for you.

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