Limited-time Offer: Guaranteed Acceptance Coverage

After countless lectures, lengthy exams, and clinical rotations, you've earned your veterinary degree. What comes next? A well-rounded insurance portfolio—courtesy of the Graduate Guarantee Acceptance Program from the AVMA LIFE Trust and New York Life Insurance Company.

Our Graduate Guarantee Acceptance Program requires NO medical underwriting. With medical underwriting, insurance carriers review your health and medical history, which helps determine your premium and your eligibility for specific policies and your premium. But with our guaranteed acceptance program, you can get covered without worrying about it.

Open enrollment has begun and ends 60 days after graduation. Don't miss out!

Coverage will become effective on the later of your graduation date or the date approved by New York Life, provided you're performing the normal activities of a person in good health and of like age on the date insurance would take effect and the contribution is paid within 30 days of being billed*

Graduate Guarantee Acceptance Program

Download our informational flyer or watch our webinar for details on this special offer, and download our brochures for full product details including features, costs, eligibility, renewability, exclusions, and limitations.

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