Here's what your colleagues are saying.

"It's the best coverage I've found. I've kept it for over 30 years."
—Dr. Richard L. Runyon, Eastridge Animal Center

"I've gotten a lot of cold calls from insurance agents. But working with AVMA LIFE is different. They got to know me and paid attention to my unique needs. The entire process felt really personal and I could tell they cared about helping me. It's hard to beat that personal touch."
—Dr. Jessi Farris, Heartland Veterinary Partners

"AVMA LIFE provides one-stop shopping for a variety of insurance needs. I felt the agent was honest and concerned for me and my family."
—Dr. David McMillon, Former owner of Hoisington Veterinary Hospital
"In retrospect, it’s hard to believe I ever considered not being properly insured. The quarterly cost on top of all my other bills and student loans, my ignorance of the information, and my naïve young and tough ideology nearly caused me to miss out on one of many lifesavers I’ve encountered over the last 26 months. Had I simply overlooked my AVMA LIFE information, who knows how things would have progressed."
—Dr. Brian Godsey, Marketplace Animal Hospital

"I love that I can get Life, AD&D, and Disability coverage all with one company that I know and trust."
—Dr. Melissa Hawkins, Hospital Director, Noah's Brandywine Animal Health Care Center

"I don't know what I would do if it weren't for the comforting and genuinely sincere support of AVMA LIFE and New York Life who was there in my time of need. My senior claims representative has been here for me every step of the way... guiding me through the claims process with sincere interest, concern, and a helping hand."
—Dr. Barry Wander