Veterinary school is hard. Between cramming for exams, pulling all-nighters, and managing an intensive schedule, you likely have little time to socialize—let alone build a comprehensive insurance portfolio.

AVMA LIFE Trust provides resources, promotions, and products specifically designed for the busy veterinary student. Explore our current offers, then call 800.621.6360 or your school agent with any questions.

No-Cost Life Insurance

At AVMA LIFE Trust, we believe wholeheartedly in the importance of life insurance. That's why we are providing eligible* students with $25,000 of life insurance at no cost—compliments of the AVMA LIFE Trust. Click below to complete the form and receive your Certificate of Insurance and Beneficiary Form.

Student members in PA, VA, and WI are required to register for this coverage to be eligible for this offer by submitting the form below or call 800.621.6360.

*Must be a full-time SAVMA member in good standing to receive this complimentary Life coverage. A Student Member in “good standing” means that a student’s SAVMA membership dues have been paid and are up to date by November 1 of the academic year (or April 1 if a student is beginning school in a Winter term.). If membership dues are not up to date no benefits would be payable. SAVMA Members include the incoming freshman that have been accepted to attend veterinary school. Must also be a resident of the United States and must be: (1) at least Age 18, but less then AGE 65; and (2) a full-time veterinary student at a veterinary school designated by the Policyholder. This life coverage ends upon termination of SAVMA membership. If you are not currently eligible and received this offer in error, please accept our sincere apologies.

Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company (NY, NY 10010) on Group Policy Form GMR.

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Promissory Note

If you sign up for coverage through AVMA LIFE Trust at the time of graduation, we will provide you with an interest-free loan to cover your first 6 months of insurance premiums. For details, download our informational flyer.

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Available Products

Student Basic Protection Package

Get all the essential coverages—disability income, term life, and a rabies prophylaxis benefit—in one convenient package.

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Hospital Indemnity Plan

Hospital stays are expensive. Help cover potential costs with hospital indemnity insurance.

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Student Loans

Student loans can be a drag on your finances. See what types of private loans are available to you.

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Graduate Guarantee Program

Graduation comes with diplomas, celebrations, and well-deserved congratulations. For graduating veterinarians, it can also come with a well-rounded guaranteed insurance portfolio. Download our informational flyer for details.

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Discover the benefits of our dental and vision plans.

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