Student Basic Protection Package

In addition to the $25,000 of no-cost term life insurance that’s provided to SAVMA members compliments of the AVMA LIFE Trust, we have designed a Student Basic Protection Package to help support you and your family during trying times. The package includes:

  • Disability Income Insurance: Receive $500 per month if a disabling illness or injury leaves you unable to attend veterinary school full-time
  • Special Semester Benefit: Up to $2000 will be paid if a covered injury, illness, or pregnancy results in you missing two consecutive weeks of veterinary school classes, and you are required to withdraw from your veterinary school for the balance of that academic year
  • Term Life Insurance: Provides a $100,000 tax-free death benefit to the beneficiary of your choosing if you pass away
  • Rabies Prophylaxis Benefit: Helps cover the cost of rabies shots and/or titers, which may be required by your veterinary school

For additional details on each component of the Student Basic Protection Package, including eligibility, renewability, features, costs, exclusions, and limitations, refer to the Student Basic Protection Package brochure.

"AVMA LIFE provides one-stop shopping for a variety of insurance needs. I felt the agent was honest and concerned for me and my family."
—Dr. David McMillon, Former owner of Hoisington Veterinary Hospital

Resources for Ordering a Rabies Titer

There are two laboratories in the U.S. that perform the RFFIT for human rabies serology testing. Click on the links below for more information, including how to order a rabies titer.

Kansas State University

Atlanta Health Associates

Rabies Serology Information – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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Student Basic Protection Package Brochure

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